Incorporated 2014 in Hong Kong Black Star Films Limited is a privately owned & funded film production company.Creating original feature length – and highly entertaining – genre exploitation properties BSFL’s core team of writers, producers, directors and post-production specialists work out of a secret compound high in the hills above Kowloon.

We create treatments, scripts, storyboards, shorts, promos, trailers and teasers all the way up to feature length films. From pre- through post-production, colour correction, special effects and audio… the whole nine yards. Above and beyond creative and technical services we also handle financing, fund raising, grant & film fund applications, budgeting and P&L, various deals and all sorts of fiscal trickery to ‘get it done’.

If you have an idea for a film but no resources to get it made, talk to us. If you want finance your film, talk to us. If you want to throw your cash at making films simply for the glory of being there, talk to us. We aren’t in it for the money par se but we are interested in turning a profit.

If you want to shoot or co-produce in Hong Kong, talk to us.

The only thing we don’t handle directly is distribution … but then we have good friends around the globe who take care of that for us.