NZ Records officially launched the MV for Neguz – ft. Somzie & J.Bo “Move Around” – over the weekend, link above. When Neguz isn’t rapping he’s dealing uncut emeralds out of South America to Europe and SE Asia, and he wanted to get this story into the video, so the special effects in this vid show Neguz busting out of this parallel emerald universe into the real world of collaborators J.Bo and Somzie.

Shot using a Sony FS700 with Convergent Design 7Q and a random pile of Canon and Zeiss DSLR lenses (w/ a Metabones speed booster), most of the street footage was handheld using one of our favourite pieces of kit: the Manfrotto Fig Rig. Motorized gimbals and stabilisation systems are gaining popularity – and we love them for smaller cameras – but the Fig Rig method is cheap, works with heavy and unbalanced camera stacks and more importantly… fast.

Plenty of green screen – shot on the roof of the Black Star Films studio – lots of high speed, overcranked footage / slow motion (our main reason for picking the FS700); all post production and compositing was carried out in Nuke with final grading and colour correction in DaVinci Resolve.

The bulk of this video was shot in Hong Kong, but after the edit and much of the post production was completed an additional musical hook was added to the song! Additional footage was shot overseas and wiggled into the edit. Not a perfect scenario but we think it still works.

Also featured during the intro is a flashback to the first music video Arne shot for Neguz a couple years ago (click to watch “Ride With Me”) which was a much darker thing. Just in case you’re wondering! Enjoy.