Original Property

We have scripts. We have stories. We have treatments. We prepare everything from storyboards and 3D pre-vis to screen tests and shorts. The main point is that we have ideas and can get concepts across.


Technical Services & Personnel

Pre. Production. Post. Everything in between. We work on numerous project across a wide range of budgets and – being trilingual & multi-national with decades of regional experience – we can easily staff and produce your films if they are located anywhere in SE Asia / China.

Casting / Stunts

Porno or Pyros

Self explanatory – need professional people? – Mike Leeder is your man. Sourcing wirework, fight choreographers, vehicle gags and pyrotechnics we’ve got their numbers.


Graphic, Web, Photography

OK so you’ve already got your own shoot taken care of. Why not document the process? Why not leverage social media to make the most of your marketing assets? Our in-house BTS team will handle everything from official production photography, social media short films, scripted and fly-on-the-wall BTS documentaries, commentaries etc. etc.  BSFL will handle all of your ancillary media which – without a dedicated BTS team – often gets overlooked until the last minute.


Development & Funding

Hong Kong has some of the most favourable corporate tax rates on Earth – as little as 17% – as well as extremely reduced projection overheads. Looking for co-producers or a local partner to offset your international production costs? Talk to us. We also raise funds from private backers and undertake various government film grant applications, but to be totally honest we don’t offer this as a service unless we are partners on the production so drop us a line.

Support & Liason

Fixers, Translators, A/D

Already have your own production pipeline but need local fixers, translators, legal and logistics? We can make your location work anywhere in SE Asia easier; all of our local fixers have extensive film experience above the necessary language and cultural skills.